The comfort, the pleasure, the leisure, the peace that a home gives nothing else can give. It is a feeling which comes because we have the freedom to do what we wish to, the freedom of living in that place as we desire to. But, once we go away from home for business, work prospects, or vacation we think of places or hotels which would provide us not that level of comfort but something like home. This quest for living in a place like home away from home is fulfilled by service apartments.

Service apartments are not only trending but are also seen as a very optimal option for people traveling for business trips or vacationing with friends and family. They don’t just provide hotel like facilities but cater to things which a regular home does. Some of the main essentials provided by the service apartments in Gurgaon are:

1. Space: The biggest advantage of a service apartment is the humungous amount of space it provides. You have to yourself an entire apartment for the duration you book your stay, which can have multiple rooms, dining hall, kitchen, restrooms and much more.

2. Kitchen: A place which provides a home feeling because you can cook that basic and everyday food which is healthy and sumptuous. At any point in time, you can sip your cup of coffee or tea or have that midnight meal.

3. 24 Hour Service: As the name suggests ‘service’, you are provided with 24-hour service. You need to organise a party, social gathering, day trip everything can be very well arranged by the guys in the same way a hotel might arrange for you, whenever you tell them.

4. Privacy: Since it is like a hotel and not one, you are assured of your Privacy at all times, which might be sacrificed by home or hotels. Once you are in that serviced apartment, you can take the leeway to work it in your manner as it is all dedicated to your privacy and freedom.

5. Laundry: Very simple and affordable laundry given to residents at any point of time, with necessary equipment’s in house.

6. Cost: A service apartment is always a cost effective approach than a hotel, because of space, freedom, and service it provides for an entire flat and for any number of people accommodating in there.

Looking at the above advantages a service apartment can give, the upcoming projects in Gurgaon are dedicated to providing the travelers a feeling of the home outside home.