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With E-LOC You Can Navigate to a Destination’s Doorstep

In another drastic move towards digitization, the government of India seeks to digitally map addresses, both residential and professional addresses. The prime objective of the project is to create an e-directory of all address’ locations.

The DoP (Department of Post), an arm of the ministry of communications, will be running a pilot project for two postal pin codes, Delhi and Noida. The project, also known as eLoc (e-Location) will tag each property with a 6 digit alphanumeric digital address. Currently, the addresses are difficult to be read digitally; with an alphanumeric digital address, the task becomes easier, rather plausible. The e-linkage will make identifying complex addresses a lot easier. Think of it as a kind of Google Map. The eLoc can be further linked to important information such as ownership and property tax credentials, details on civic amenities and utilities such as water, electricity, and gas.

Although Map my India, a private mapping company, will execute the project for the DoP, the sole ownership of the information and other sensitive data will remain with the department. This is to prevent the use of information by private companies for commercial purposes.

The private company has partnered with ISRO to get access to effective mapping coordinates. Upon success full implementation and operation of the pilot run, the government will move towards national expansion. The eLoc can also be used in parallel to the existing postal address.

A big advantage for both resident individuals and businesses is that the eLoc will enable them in navigating to the doorstep of a destination. This is expected to reduce many costs and increase time efficiency for businesses. Areas such as logistics, transportation and field operations can reap many benefits from the reduced fuel wastage.

With such a bold step towards digitization of the nation, let us hope for this move to be a step towards a better tomorrow, than another big vision that fails to address the need of the hour.

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11 Reasons Why Investment In Gurgaon Is A Must

The millennium city of Gurgaon is widely recognized for its ability to attract a plethora of foreign investors due to an expansive industrial footprint in the region. It is the financial and industrial center of India’s north-western state of Haryana and is often referred to as the call center capital of the world. Along with being New Delhi’s dominant satellite city, it is also considered as one of the best places to work and live in which makes it an exciting prospect for real estate investments.

Flat in Gurgaon

Having a monumental identity to its name and fame, buying that flat in Gurgaon is a major attraction due to the following reasons:

1. Multi-national companies, foreign investors, fortune 500 companies, NRIs and large business houses are all present in Gurgaon.
2. Stable and well-constructed legal infrastructure ensures that law and order is established and maintained.
3. Gurgaon is well constructed in terms of its social and supportive infrastructure, i.e. roads, railways, shopping malls to name a few.
4. Being home to several Special economic zones, the city is often touted as a separate ‘SEZ country’, which speaks volumes about the developing nature of our Indian economy.
5. It is very well connected to the national capital and key strategic locations such as the International airport which manifests the easy conveniences offered by the glimmering city.
6. High quality affordable office spaces are readily available, which opens doors for various other growing companies and ensures that people working in Gurgaon will remain in close proximity to their place of residence.
7. Complexes with a surfeit of pivotal amenities providing luxury flats in Gurgaon are available with lucrative deals.
8. An efficiently constructed transport infrastructure ensures that the city is well connected to important locations in and around the region.
9. Be assured of a High Return on Investment when you buy that property, be it a 4 BHK flat in Gurgaon or a 2/3BHK. With the ever-increasing growth and fame of this city, it will surely brighten up investment avenues even more in the years ahead.
10. Gurgaon can be titled as a recently industrialized IT hub of the country, which manifests that it is not just a booming city with respect to its infrastructure and investments, but is also making way for being a city filled with well educated, driven professionals.
11. With the ongoing transformational growth of Gurgaon, living in this city nearly assures one of a high standard of living and an enhanced social status. Making way for township complexes, multi-nationals, business houses and fashion trends, Gurgaon is definitely opening its arms to all things modern and new.

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6 Reasons Service Apartments Are Home Outside Home

The comfort, the pleasure, the leisure, the peace that a home gives nothing else can give. It is a feeling which comes because we have the freedom to do what we wish to, the freedom of living in that place as we desire to. But, once we go away from home for business, work prospects, or vacation we think of places or hotels which would provide us not that level of comfort but something like home. This quest for living in a place like home away from home is fulfilled by service apartments.

Service apartments are not only trending but are also seen as a very optimal option for people traveling for business trips or vacationing with friends and family. They don’t just provide hotel like facilities but cater to things which a regular home does. Some of the main essentials provided by the service apartments in Gurgaon are:

1. Space: The biggest advantage of a service apartment is the humungous amount of space it provides. You have to yourself an entire apartment for the duration you book your stay, which can have multiple rooms, dining hall, kitchen, restrooms and much more.

2. Kitchen: A place which provides a home feeling because you can cook that basic and everyday food which is healthy and sumptuous. At any point in time, you can sip your cup of coffee or tea or have that midnight meal.

3. 24 Hour Service: As the name suggests ‘service’, you are provided with 24-hour service. You need to organise a party, social gathering, day trip everything can be very well arranged by the guys in the same way a hotel might arrange for you, whenever you tell them.

4. Privacy: Since it is like a hotel and not one, you are assured of your Privacy at all times, which might be sacrificed by home or hotels. Once you are in that serviced apartment, you can take the leeway to work it in your manner as it is all dedicated to your privacy and freedom.

5. Laundry: Very simple and affordable laundry given to residents at any point of time, with necessary equipment’s in house.

6. Cost: A service apartment is always a cost effective approach than a hotel, because of space, freedom, and service it provides for an entire flat and for any number of people accommodating in there.

Looking at the above advantages a service apartment can give, the upcoming projects in Gurgaon are dedicated to providing the travelers a feeling of the home outside home.

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Influencing Factors That Drive Real Estate Industry

One of the most important portion of people’s wealth is taken up by real estate industry, be it your own property or something you’ve rented. Realtors provide you with space for living, working, amusement, shopping and much more. Though this market is a crucial one but it is affected by certain factors which channelize its movement.

Factors that influence the real estate industry are:
Economy: one of the key factor which determine the fate of the real estate market is the overall health of an economy, which is generally measured in terms of economic indicators like GDP, prices of goods, employment data, manufacturing activity,etc. This can be seen by an example, if people are employed permanently they will demand a space to their name near their work place and to fulfil this need commercial projects in Gurgaon are developed. To say, if the economy is doing well, the real estate market will also do well.

Government Policies: Legislation highly impacts on how the real estate works and fixes its prices and norms for selling off a property. The union budget of 2017, brought in a lot of changes like the adoption of RERA Act, which brings in benefit to customers. The extension of tenure loans under CLSS etc are all policies which greatly impact real estate market.

Interest Rates: Since one cannot completely buy a property on one go (complete payment), or all by themselves, interest rates come into play due to borrowing of loans. The way one approaches for investing in a property is highly dependent of the current home loans or property loans that are applicable in the market. Ones the rates are low, demand for it increases and vice versa.

Demographics: This is a factor which shows the composition of a population, such as age, race, gender, income, migration patterns and population growth. Though these factors are usually overlooked but becomes the deciding factors of how people will exactly think when it comes to buying or investing in a property, and thus affect its property pricing. The change in demographic scenario highly affect the trends of a real estate market.

For example, in India once a couple decides to marry, they think of buying or rent an apartment for themselves and look for best schemes available in their budget, which is well thought of by real estate Gurgaon, or how people approaching their 50’s decide on buying vacation homes for relaxing over weekends or homes post retiring away from main city.

So, to say like every other industries or market which is driven based on their prospect customers and their demands, real estate is also driven by the above factors.

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Dream Home: Is Investing In An Apartment A Good Idea?

Settling on the life choice as to where you rest your head each night and carry on with your life amid the day can be an overwhelming assignment most definitely. A last finish of this extent requires clear thought and succinct assessment.

To help with this choice Apartment living is the thing that I would suggest. Especially when we talk about commercial hubs or where we have a lot of working class people, apartment seems to be the better option. The scale at which the residential property in Gurgaon has scaled up is amazing. The city is now densely populated and the value of property in Gurgaon has also gone up due to the economic value of the city. Now there are apartments in Gurgaon to suite the needs of different sections of people (Budget apartments, luxury apartments, duplex).


There are many advantages of apartments Living:

1. Pleasantries

Dissimilar to houses, flat buildings are for the most part worked with particular luxuries, for example, pools, rec centers, comfort stores and clothing places either on the premises or within proximate distance. In spite of the fact that you could simply have these components incorporated with your home, the budgetary commitment is not as remunerating. Condo living can end up being an exceptionally advantageous living course of action.

2. Support

No support abilities required, As living in a flat does not oblige you to have any upkeep aptitudes in light of the fact that a group of support experts repairs everything for you.

3. Wellbeing

In spite of the fact that mortgage holders regularly put resources into some type of home security framework or another, loft buildings likewise put resources into the general wellbeing of its occupants. The nearness of neighbors (as opposed to being the one and only in a house at any given minute) and normal condo complex wellbeing measures demonstrate that multi-unit homes are the most secure areas for single ladies, kids, families and the elderly.

4. Group

Other incredible advantages of condo living are the social ramifications of the nearness and associations one creates amid their residency. In spite of the fact that a feeling of group exists in both country and rural zones, the nearness of condo life improves the likelihood of making long lasting associations.


5. Openness

A best aspect regarding a condo complex is the nearness of anything you require. Strip mall areas are ordinarily picked by the general demographic of a group. The more prominent the possibility for conceivable benefactors, the bigger the requirement for the mall. This little goody of data is helpful. Regardless of what you require, there is a strip mall close-by to suit you.

6. Stopping

Contingent upon the perplexing you pick, you may have a wide range of stopping choices, which permits you to choose the one that suits your spending best. Most flats permit you to buy a secured parking spot and Some have open auto stopping.

Living in apartment offers some magnificent advantages and is unquestionably a way of life worth considering.

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Reasonable and Ideal Luxury Apartments in Delhi / NCR

Purchasing of ready to move in apartments in Gurgaon, is booming because of strong and steadily growing economy of India. Advantage of buying a ready to move in apartment is the elimination of risks associated with project execution. It’s best for people who are currently living on a rented premise.

builders in Gurgaon

Another factor which is seen as a huge benefits:

  • Security
  • Electricity Backup
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Creche
  • 24*7 water supply


Purchasing a home, getting it completed as per your requirement and moving, is an exhaustive process which involves

  1. Property inspection
  2. Locality research
  3. Research for best interiors
  4. Flat finishing etc.

real estate gurgaon

Availability of affordable homes in many parts of Delhi/NCR is one of the various drivers of the recent shift from paying rentals to paying equated monthly installments (EMI’s).Real estate developers in Delhi/NCR have taken the benefit by comparing different regions across India and used the variables in their favor. Following factors include:

  • Connectivity
  • Amenities
  • Higher price rates in other regions


Real estate developers now are emphasing more on reliability than popularity as buyers want transparent and trustworthy service in the present day.

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Dwarka Expressway – A Road to Luxurious Living

Dwarka Expressway is progressing well when it comes to the real estate market. It is one of the widest expressway projects that connects NH8 to Dwarka. It was designed to ease the traffic rush on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway. It is in close proximity to Delhi and IGI Airport. All the best builders of the country have either have their projects in this area or their projects are under construction. There are particular sectors for residential and commercial projects.

Raheja Developers

With the scope of price appreciation, in the coming years the value of these properties will increase significantly. Dwarka Expressway is an excellent location for people who wish to invest. Some of the top names in education and health have taken up sites for schools and hospitals in this area. Development is taking place at an impressive speed. It is the most affordable offering the best investment opportunity at this time.

flats in Gurgaon

If we look for the properties that have come up near expressway, Raheja Developers has 2 projects in sector 108 and 109, Raheja Vedanta and Raheja Atharva respectively. These are 3-4 BHK ready to move luxurious apartments. These flats in Gurgaon are surrounded by aroma of nature with all the amenities in the affordable budget. With well-planned roads and easy connectivity, Raheja Developers has created an address to experience the modern lifestyle with thoughtful features.

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Gurgaon : Progressive Millennium City

With the rapid development witnessed by Gurgaon in the recent past, it has earned itself the name of the Millennium City. Gurgaon promises a dream destination and fulfills the desire of a good lifestyle. The real estate market in Gurgaon delivering quality projects has been catching the eye of a lot many people who dream of settling down in this city which provides world class amenities.

Today the city has emerged as the home for a number of multinational companies, hub for corporate, residential townships and industrial activities. The residential projects in Gurgaon have diversified starting from the affordable housing projects in Gurgaon, mid segment and the premium housing projects. People see value in investing their hard earned money in Gurgaon.


Among all the builders, Raheja Developers have been working all these years to provide a home of one’s desire with all the amenities. These flats have been designed with a customer centric approach and can bring a smile on the faces of all the people who are staying in their homes in the proximity to the city.

raheja developers

Customer feedback: Raheja Vedaanta

Capt.SK Bhattacharya, Apartment No. D-052, Raheja Vedas.

“I am extremely happy with the project. The club house compares to a 5-Star hotel and has an excellent Ambience.”

Customer feedback: Raheja Atharva

Mr.&Mrs. Chaudhary B-1004 Raheja Atharva

“Me & My Husband are very happy, they treated us well while handing over the keys. We are thrilled above the maintenance and the quality of construction along with the fixtures.”

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Gurgaon: A Place with Accessible Homes

Since last few years, if we talk about growth in terms of realty in Haryana, Gurgaon is the only town which has been showing amazing progress in the sector. Development is the key which has rapidly changed the whole scenario of the city. One of the key sectors which are rapidly sowing seeds in the city, is the real estate; and as a further boon and respite for buyers, Gurgaon is now seeing various affordable housing projects in Gurgaon.

affordable housing projects

Getting a home as per desire, is not easy at all but Raheja Developers are the ones who endeavour to understand the pulse of the patrons ; In sync, they had launched 1 & 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon with all amenities, enough to bring a satisfactory smile on the face of the buyers. This only demonstrates the incline and approach of the developer as a customer-centric brand.


Northern state of India like Delhi NCR, which includes Haryana, is the major attraction for developers in terms of real estate, as it is having a boom for its present acquired land and courtesy a sustaining demand. Every major sector, like IT, Finance & Banking, aviation, automobile, and business houses, wants to have a corporate office for itself in Gurgaon; and if the industries are getting to the places like Gurgaon, the area for residence will also be required as people needs to live in proximity to the city. A city like Gurgaon is the best example for the citizens looking for ready-to-move in flats with best of amenities and support services around because in today’s world, every person wants to have all the luxury in their budget minus any compromise.

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How to Bring Down your Home Loan Interest?

Planning to buy your dream home, the one thing that kills you is not the principal amount but the interest on that.

If that is what you are going through we have some very useful tips and tricks to bring that down and make your dream home a reality.


The best way to bring down your interest cost is through ‘Prepayments’.

Prepayment is the amount paid during the initial period of the home loan tenure. It directly reduces from the principal component of your loan thereby reducing the home loan interest as well.

But, what should you take care of while making a prepayment? When you plan to make a prepayment, you should always check in the market if there is no other instrument available which can give you a higher return. If there is something that can get you a better return, it is always advisable to go for it.


It is inevitable for you to discuss with your bank before taking a decision on this as they can assess the market and give you the best update.

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