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Gurgaon to Third Highest Per Capita Income of India – Gurgaon Has Amazing Facts

A district head quarter in Haryana and a heart of the major industrial area is a city named Gurgaon, also known as ‘Guru Gram’. The idea behind this name is a relation to a spiritual leader, Dhronacharya and hence called ‘Guru Gaon’. This is not just one fact this sparkling and blooming city has even more amazing facts which are very rarely known, and they are as.

1. This land has a link to epic ‘Mahabharata’, by being a land of the Guru Dhronacharya where he taught the Pandavas and the Kauravas spiritual instructions, hence the name ‘Guru gram’ or ‘Guru Gaon’.

2. From the facts of construction and development, one of the third largest Toll Plaza in the world, till it was in operation, was near Delhi Gurgaon Border.

3. Third highest per capita income in India is that of Gurgaon, to talk about the economy.

4. 40% of the Haryana’s income revenue is alone brought by Gurgaon, which shows why property in Gurgaon is a great deal.

5. From among the 500 fortune companies, Gurgaon has a presence of 252 companies which assures that the upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon will always see great career opportunities.

6. To talk about career and professionalism, facts also state that number of professionals working per square kilometers is highest in India.

7. Faridabad and Mewat were once part of this city.

This city doesn’t just show itself as a city which is highly progressing towards development but also has a very strong and epic history along with a great door of opportunities for present and future in terms of career and lifestyle growth.

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Apartment Living Benefits Not Just For Us But For Entire Family

Apartment a place which we all are familiar about and sustain our lives. This is a place which we might own or no but definitely reside in. In a generation which is fast moving to wait and think of owning an apartment is a dream we all can only dream of. Be it your own or a rented one apartments are always a great investment. This investment can be advantageous in a number of ways like:

Location: This point becomes key when it comes to residing in an apartment. From schools to colleges, to recreation to railways and the workplace how well everything is connected to our residence makes all the difference and property in Gurgaon is just about that.

Maintenance: The overall maintenance is looked after by the appointed staff of the society. From the parking area to lobby to gardens everything is well taken care of and is not a burden to oneself for keeping your surroundings in an appropriate manner.

Sustainability: In a limited space the building construction shows wonders. From the free garden area to spacious parking zone, to having each flats spaced well everything is thought of efficiently and doesn’t seem like it’s cluttered.

Amenities: Apartments today are always accommodating recreation facilities like swimming pools, gyms, parks, sports ground and much more not just for a flat but the entire society so that everyone is well connected not just with their families but also the neighborhood.

Security: Every building, colony or a society is highly secured by having CCTV cameras installed, with very professional Security Guards at every gate and every resource with complete registration and tracking of everyone who enters the building or your apartment be it night or day.

Affordability: Invest merely in your apartment in best prices and schemes available and cherish all the facilities your apartment provides like amenities, tight security and more and give yourself an affordable and sustainable living.

Lifestyle: In a world where people are living for the needed lifestyle and be a part of the cult, the well-built flats are definitely a boost for your lifestyle. Be it in terms of prime locations, or amenities or a modern style everything adds an additional value to the old routine homes and residential apartments in Gurgaon is the destination for your chase of Lifestyle.

So, it is very important to look after these benefits of an apartment living before making the most important investment decision of your life, because we might change our clothes every day but home is something we do rarely even in a decade.

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More Than a Billion Dollars of Investments for Gurgaon in 2016!

Gurgaon over the years has been one of the most emerging cities in Delhi NCR. This year itself, Gurgaon has dominated by a huge margin with increased investments, stated a CBRE report. Stagnation in Delhi’s urban development and the presence of high quality gated residential communities helped Gurgaon gain over 70% of the Office Leasing.


With land acquisition and financing getting Gurgaon more than a billion dollars of investment, the overall outlook of the market looks extremely bullish. Commercial office markets and extremely upmarket residential communities give a huge thumbs up to the growing Gurgaon realty market.

Though prime locations like MG Road and Golf Course Road have become expensive with respect to flats for sale in Gurgaon, the city has a host of new locations to offer with great residential options. Very nearby is the Golf Course Extension, Dwarka Expressway as well as New Gurgaon which have amazing residential options in various price brackets.


Gurgaon, as a city to invest, has gained popularity not just nationally but internationally as well with countries like China and other neighboring ones evaluating it as their first option for investment in property in Gurgaon.

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Dream Home: Is Investing In An Apartment A Good Idea?

Settling on the life choice as to where you rest your head each night and carry on with your life amid the day can be an overwhelming assignment most definitely. A last finish of this extent requires clear thought and succinct assessment.

To help with this choice Apartment living is the thing that I would suggest. Especially when we talk about commercial hubs or where we have a lot of working class people, apartment seems to be the better option. The scale at which the residential property in Gurgaon has scaled up is amazing. The city is now densely populated and the value of property in Gurgaon has also gone up due to the economic value of the city. Now there are apartments in Gurgaon to suite the needs of different sections of people (Budget apartments, luxury apartments, duplex).


There are many advantages of apartments Living:

1. Pleasantries

Dissimilar to houses, flat buildings are for the most part worked with particular luxuries, for example, pools, rec centers, comfort stores and clothing places either on the premises or within proximate distance. In spite of the fact that you could simply have these components incorporated with your home, the budgetary commitment is not as remunerating. Condo living can end up being an exceptionally advantageous living course of action.

2. Support

No support abilities required, As living in a flat does not oblige you to have any upkeep aptitudes in light of the fact that a group of support experts repairs everything for you.

3. Wellbeing

In spite of the fact that mortgage holders regularly put resources into some type of home security framework or another, loft buildings likewise put resources into the general wellbeing of its occupants. The nearness of neighbors (as opposed to being the one and only in a house at any given minute) and normal condo complex wellbeing measures demonstrate that multi-unit homes are the most secure areas for single ladies, kids, families and the elderly.

4. Group

Other incredible advantages of condo living are the social ramifications of the nearness and associations one creates amid their residency. In spite of the fact that a feeling of group exists in both country and rural zones, the nearness of condo life improves the likelihood of making long lasting associations.


5. Openness

A best aspect regarding a condo complex is the nearness of anything you require. Strip mall areas are ordinarily picked by the general demographic of a group. The more prominent the possibility for conceivable benefactors, the bigger the requirement for the mall. This little goody of data is helpful. Regardless of what you require, there is a strip mall close-by to suit you.

6. Stopping

Contingent upon the perplexing you pick, you may have a wide range of stopping choices, which permits you to choose the one that suits your spending best. Most flats permit you to buy a secured parking spot and Some have open auto stopping.

Living in apartment offers some magnificent advantages and is unquestionably a way of life worth considering.

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How to Determine a Reputed Real Estate Developer in Gurgaon

When you decide to buy your own house, you check your preferences; there are lots of sources from where you can take opinions. There is a whole world of third party agents, builders, brokers and your own reliable sources who are available to guide you thoroughly.  But, this is only the first step to go forward in the real estate sector. The moment you know about a developer and its developments, the first and foremost thing that comes in your mind is to check if the developer is reliable enough to invest a huge amount of money.

Real estate sector in Gurgaon has always been a goodwill driven sector. Investors invest in the sector because of the goodwill of the developer. It is always suggested to invest in the reputed real estate developer who works for the betterment because they believe in long run in the industry and as a matter of fact, they cannot do any compromise with the quality and deliverance of their projects.

residential property in gurgaon

Let’s discuss some of the decision making factors which lead to buying a house in a particular project.

Invest in the Leading Real Estate Developer

The first and foremost name which appears as the leading real estate developers in Gurgaon is Raheja Developers. In the past few years, real estate developers have emerged out to be triumphant in the property sector by satisfying and convincing buyers to buy more properties. There are certain factors through which leading developers have gained trust and some of the factors are as follows.

The Invincible Trust

There are certain examples of best real estate developments in Gurgaon which have raised the bar of expectations among the buyers. As a matter of fact, the real estate sector of Gurgaon is considered as the prime sector in comparison to Delhi and Noida because of the construction quality and deliverance.

Easy Finance Facility

There are several centralized banks that are providing finance facility to the various developers. You can determine the goodwill of the developer with the affiliation from the centralized banks. Generally, centralized banks incur services to those developers who have a good stand in the sector and who are working in the best way possible. By investing in the reputed projects, you can get the benefit of easy home loans from the centralized banks.

Guaranteed High ROI

Everyone waits for the day, when they will shift into their newly constructed home. Receiving the keys and moving into your new home is one of the best feelings in the world which is irreplaceable. But, the return on investment is the factor which determines the valuation of the home for future. The benefit of investing in the reputed property is that you will get the best return on investment even after years of your purchase.

residential projects in gurgaon


Project details, sanctioned plans, approvals, area charts and other details should be available for customers on website of the projects so that buyers and investors can read project information and details carefully before they make their decision, The reason why buyers and investors invest in residential property in Gurgaon because of the trust factor which can only be gained after various successful projects by developers.


Goodwill is the prime factor which influences a buyer to buy property. As all of us know that real estate sector is dependent on word of mouth publicity. Hoarding and advertisements acts as a catalyst in sales but the main reason, why people buy property from a particular developer is the Goodwill and word of mouth publicity. Most of the time it happens that buyers and investors review the property from the existing clients of the developer and when they get the proper feedback of the developer from them, they invest their money in the projects of the developer.

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