Are you making up your mind to invest in a real estate market or still confused about buying a home which is constructed by a builder but are not sure of which option is better?

When you decide upon buying an apartment or a ready to move in flat in Gurgaon, it purely depends on what you are looking for, an immediate possession or just an investment? For getting an immediate possession, ready to move in flats are surely a better option since there are various other benefits which they provide. Some such benefits are:

1. What you see is what you get: When you opt for ready to move in flats in Gurgaon, you can be sure of what you are getting, as evenbefore finalizing, the final make is already done.

2. You know your neighbors and surroundings: Fully constructed flats are usually located in fully developed areas that already have a notably high density. So, when you check for that ready to move in flat, you can thoroughly analyze how your surroundings and neighborhood is just to be sure of it well in advance.

3. Legal Status easily checked: Since the property or building construction is already completed and there are plethora of flats in Gurgaon for sale, you can easily check Occupancy Certificate, Completion Certificate, land titles etc.

4. Exemption from Service Tax: When you opt for ready to move in flats there is no need to pay service tax.

5. No Risks: The risks of possession delays, cancellations of the under-construction projects due to legal or other issues, property fluctuation rates, and various other risks can be averted if this option is selected, and there are luxury apartments in Gurgaon for sale, which are well constructed and ready for moving in.

Though these are some of the advantages a ready to move in flat can offer, but on a negative side, they might be overpriced when compared to the flats that are under construction,and usually would call for very limited or no modifications, they might involve more legal work like property transfer and ownership and inflexible payment options. But, these issues can be easily negotiated with the realtorsand one can have their best buys in the form ofready to move in luxury apartments in the budding real estate markets.