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Significance of Corporates in Gurgaon Real Estate

Gurgaon has now risen to stand up clearly attop in the list ofhighest per capita income in India. Commonly known as Millennium city, Gurgaon has about 50% of the fortune 500 companies. The city’s closeness to Delhi implies simple access to political decision makers. Here Maruti Suzuki Private Limited was the first primary organization that set up an assembling unit in 1970s. Eventually, DLF started procuring land in the city in huge extents. Later, the American brand General Electric came up with their operations in Gurgaon in 1997. GEignited the growth of the city by alluring other national and international companies to set up their operations.

Gurgaon stands out to be the most imperative offshoring destinations in the world. The leading MNCs are all planning to move to the city for their offices and operations. Various global organizations including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BMW have picked Gurgaon to be their Indian corporate headquarters. With the nearness of 26 shopping malls, retail is also an essential industry in Gurgaon.The city is home to a portion of the country’s most profitable land. This has directly impacted the Gurgaon real estate in a positive manner.

The rise of corporates in the city has increased the demand for furnished office spaces in Gurgaon to house the working class in a premium area. Science has proved that a good working environment and infrastructure is very important, in addition to person’s own ability. This is the reason, that companies like Google keep high focus on providing a good working area to their employees.

What else does a company need to establish itself to the utmost level? It is the better working place and a nearby residential area with amenities that can house the employees in an appropriate and luxurious way: the residential projects present in and around the area can make them feel like a home away from home.

The incrementing corporates in the city has also raised the housing needs, and for this inference the search for premium apartments in Gurgaon has also risen to great extent. The youth in these industries are expecting luxurious and quality built apartments that can clearly enhance their living. The amenities and the surroundings that are generally expected by the home buyer are present in many residential projects in Gurgaon. The city is at full pace towards its growth and the real estate market of Gurgaon caters to all buyer requirements, especially those of the first time home buyers.

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Rera States Developers and Buyers Pay Same 10% Interest on Any Delays

Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) declares that buyers of any delayed projects will get interest on the invested amount for the delay period as against 5 to 10 per square feet decided as per sales agreement, as mentioned by the chairman of Madhya Pradesh RERA Anthony de Sa. The current prescribed rate of RERA is 10%.

Anthony de Sa also said that, that only when the developers are ready to pay the buyer interest at the authority’s prescribed rate will their ongoing projects be registered with RERA. The prescribed rate is 2 percentage points above SBI’s MCLR (marginal cost of fund based lending rate) and not like the earlier contractual rates of 5 to 10 per sq ft which was accepted by the builders to pay when the sales agreement was signed. At present, as the SBI’s MCLR is 8% the developers will have to pay 10% interest on the amount paid by the buyers.

Dilbag Singh Sihag, a member of RERA Haryana committee and chief town planner of Haryana government, who is entrusted with the responsibility of finalising the RERA Rules for the state, mentions that for justice there has to be same interest rates to be paid by developers as they are charging the buyers for any delay in payments on outstanding dues and developers in Gurgaon are striving to come to terms with these rules.  So, like the 10% interest has been fixed for the developers, similarly the buyers will also be paying only 10% on delayed payments of their dues and not the penal rates of 12% to 18% as per the sales agreement.

Developers normally charge a high rate of 12% to 18% while they are paying only Rs 5 per sqft to Rs 10 per sqft on a project which costs 4,000 to 5,000 sqft. Sihag says this mismatch will be resolved only when both developers and buyers will pay the RERA prescribed rates on any delay. He, also added that no final view has been taken so far.

Chief Secretary of housing urban development, Punjab, Vini Mahajan, who is also appointed as the interim regulatory authority under RERA, says that existing buyers will get relief under RERA, clarifying that the authority is bound by the act and rules while taking the decision. So, it will only enforce the contract signed between buyers and developers with regards to RERA rules and cannot go beyond the act.

Regulators also stated that wile registering ongoing projects, developers can set their own deadline for completion of their projects, but it has to be a reasonable one. Anthony de Sa said that, say if a project was launched some eight years back and the developers returns for its registration asking for another four years for finishing it, such things cannot be granted. There is no rule book for fixing the deadline, which depends on the existing condition and stage of implementation of the project. But, once the deadline is fixed and developer fails to meet it, the regulator will take a very harsh view – he will either have to return the money back to the buyers with its interest or face dire consequences, including even a jail term, says Sihag.

RERA also assures that it will facilitate the completion of projects in time, so that all buyers are satisfied and only if the developers fail to achieve this goal, there will be stern actions taken by the regulators, which shows that apartments in Gurgaon are definitely a fair deal when one thinks of investments.


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Dream Home: Is Investing In An Apartment A Good Idea?

Settling on the life choice as to where you rest your head each night and carry on with your life amid the day can be an overwhelming assignment most definitely. A last finish of this extent requires clear thought and succinct assessment.

To help with this choice Apartment living is the thing that I would suggest. Especially when we talk about commercial hubs or where we have a lot of working class people, apartment seems to be the better option. The scale at which the residential property in Gurgaon has scaled up is amazing. The city is now densely populated and the value of property in Gurgaon has also gone up due to the economic value of the city. Now there are apartments in Gurgaon to suite the needs of different sections of people (Budget apartments, luxury apartments, duplex).


There are many advantages of apartments Living:

1. Pleasantries

Dissimilar to houses, flat buildings are for the most part worked with particular luxuries, for example, pools, rec centers, comfort stores and clothing places either on the premises or within proximate distance. In spite of the fact that you could simply have these components incorporated with your home, the budgetary commitment is not as remunerating. Condo living can end up being an exceptionally advantageous living course of action.

2. Support

No support abilities required, As living in a flat does not oblige you to have any upkeep aptitudes in light of the fact that a group of support experts repairs everything for you.

3. Wellbeing

In spite of the fact that mortgage holders regularly put resources into some type of home security framework or another, loft buildings likewise put resources into the general wellbeing of its occupants. The nearness of neighbors (as opposed to being the one and only in a house at any given minute) and normal condo complex wellbeing measures demonstrate that multi-unit homes are the most secure areas for single ladies, kids, families and the elderly.

4. Group

Other incredible advantages of condo living are the social ramifications of the nearness and associations one creates amid their residency. In spite of the fact that a feeling of group exists in both country and rural zones, the nearness of condo life improves the likelihood of making long lasting associations.


5. Openness

A best aspect regarding a condo complex is the nearness of anything you require. Strip mall areas are ordinarily picked by the general demographic of a group. The more prominent the possibility for conceivable benefactors, the bigger the requirement for the mall. This little goody of data is helpful. Regardless of what you require, there is a strip mall close-by to suit you.

6. Stopping

Contingent upon the perplexing you pick, you may have a wide range of stopping choices, which permits you to choose the one that suits your spending best. Most flats permit you to buy a secured parking spot and Some have open auto stopping.

Living in apartment offers some magnificent advantages and is unquestionably a way of life worth considering.

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