By Raheja Developers | 23rd July 2019

Top 7 Energy Efficient Buildings In India

With the concept of green buildings gaining prominence in India, developers are now focusing on developing structures that are eco-friendly and use energy-efficient techniques.

Many residential projects across Indian cities have started making use of solar power for electricity generation. The developers believe that this will be a game-changer for the real estate sector.

Eco-friendly buildings that are energy efficient and use water management techniques are the need of the hour. Some developers have succeeded in creating such structures. 

Let us have a look at India’s top 7 green buildings:

Raheja Maheshwara, Gurgaon

Maheshwara is a perfect blend of city and scenic life. Maheshwara encompasses the critical features of Raheja Aranya, making it an ideal place for living in an incredibly tranquil and prime location of South of Gurgaon, Sohna. The complex is equipped with high-efficiency equipment that reduces energy clean, green & sustainable environment. Zero water discharge, solar thermal technology, rainwater management system are some of the main features of the building.

Suzlon One Earth, Pune
With a capacity to accommodate 2300 people, ‘One Earth’ is another building that has received Platinum certification of LEED. The building is built using low energy materials, thus, reducing carbon footprint. The interior of the building offers excessive natural daylight while the exterior of the building using renewable energy.

Olympia Tech Park, Chennai
Located in the heart of Chennai, the Olympia Tech Park has become one of the biggest and most sought after IT parks in Chennai. The tech park operates with energy-saving features, and the eco-friendly environment becomes a necessity. It is rated as one of the most significant gold LEED rating buildings in the world as it makes use of energy and water-saving techniques and recycling to attain zero percent discharge. 

Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, New Delhi
The building is constructed with energy-efficient building materials, and the edifice has the most extensive rooftop solar system among multi-storied buildings in India. More than 50 % area outside the building provides green plantation. The building uses geothermal heat exchange system to reduce the power required to run air conditioners.

Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata
Next on the list is Infinity Benchmark, another LEED Platinum level certified green building which covers an area of 5,60,000 square feet and is spread over 20 stories. The air quality inside the building is maintained by CO2 monitoring sensors and intelligent humidification controls. The building uses environment-friendly and energy-efficient equipment along with wastewater recycling system.

ITC Maurya Hotel, New Delhi 
ITC Maurya is the world’s first and largest LEED Platinum rated hotel to use Parabolic solar concentrators. This luxury hotel has been awarded as the greenest luxury hotel chain in the world. Over 30 percent of the food is produced and harvested locally within a radius of 160 km. 

ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon
Spread across a sprawling 1,80,000 square feet, the ITC Green Centre has set a benchmark for green buildings in India. Located in Sector-32, this building is designed, keeping in mind the highest environmental standards. All systems are integrated in such a way so that they can function as naturally as possible.

With more and more buildings going green, India is on the fast track to reduce its carbon footprint and as well as contributing to human health.
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