Planning to buy your dream home, the one thing that kills you is not the principal amount but the interest on that.

If that is what you are going through we have some very useful tips and tricks to bring that down and make your dream home a reality.


The best way to bring down your interest cost is through ‘Prepayments’.

Prepayment is the amount paid during the initial period of the home loan tenure. It directly reduces from the principal component of your loan thereby reducing the home loan interest as well.

But, what should you take care of while making a prepayment? When you plan to make a prepayment, you should always check in the market if there is no other instrument available which can give you a higher return. If there is something that can get you a better return, it is always advisable to go for it.


It is inevitable for you to discuss with your bank before taking a decision on this as they can assess the market and give you the best update.