A district head quarter in Haryana and a heart of the major industrial area is a city named Gurgaon, also known as ‘Guru Gram’. The idea behind this name is a relation to a spiritual leader, Dhronacharya and hence called ‘Guru Gaon’. This is not just one fact this sparkling and blooming city has even more amazing facts which are very rarely known, and they are as.

1. This land has a link to epic ‘Mahabharata’, by being a land of the Guru Dhronacharya where he taught the Pandavas and the Kauravas spiritual instructions, hence the name ‘Guru gram’ or ‘Guru Gaon’.

2. From the facts of construction and development, one of the third largest Toll Plaza in the world, till it was in operation, was near Delhi Gurgaon Border.

3. Third highest per capita income in India is that of Gurgaon, to talk about the economy.

4. 40% of the Haryana’s income revenue is alone brought by Gurgaon, which shows why property in Gurgaon is a great deal.

5. From among the 500 fortune companies, Gurgaon has a presence of 252 companies which assures that the upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon will always see great career opportunities.

6. To talk about career and professionalism, facts also state that number of professionals working per square kilometers is highest in India.

7. Faridabad and Mewat were once part of this city.

This city doesn’t just show itself as a city which is highly progressing towards development but also has a very strong and epic history along with a great door of opportunities for present and future in terms of career and lifestyle growth.