Residential apartments in Gurgaon will be seeing more demand in coming days as collector (circle) rates of immovable property have gotten reduced by 15% as mentioned by Haryana government on 27 June, 2016. The collector rates have been reduced keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Rates for registration of property
  • Market rate
  • Rates of plots fixed by private builders in the district


One more reason of increase in its popularity is green commercial buildings. People are now understanding with more clarity about the significance in ‘green’ growth in residential segment. Green buildings also address the major concern area of waste disposal.

Various incentives provided in green commercial building include:

  • Higher FAR
  • Property tax incentives

Green buildings are better solution in near future, since designing and building real estate which results in much lower emissions is in almost every developer’s mind today. The popularity and demand of penthouses in Gurgaon is increasing rapidly because major population in Gurgaon comes under financially well groomed sector. Another reason for its growth is a symbol of wealth and modernity. The locations of penthouses are majorly located in such areas where the connection to important places is easily approachable and the basic as well as desired amenities are provided too.


With more NRI’s, foreigners and people with deep pockets moving into metropolitan cities like Gurgaon, the penthouse availability has also gone up due to these reasons. Common key factors that distinguish a regular residential property with penthouse are:

  1. More land space (Sq. ft.)
  2. Desired amenities (Swimming Pool, Gym etc.)