In another drastic move towards digitization, the government of India seeks to digitally map addresses, both residential and professional addresses. The prime objective of the project is to create an e-directory of all address’ locations.

The DoP (Department of Post), an arm of the ministry of communications, will be running a pilot project for two postal pin codes, Delhi and Noida. The project, also known as eLoc (e-Location) will tag each property with a 6 digit alphanumeric digital address. Currently, the addresses are difficult to be read digitally; with an alphanumeric digital address, the task becomes easier, rather plausible. The e-linkage will make identifying complex addresses a lot easier. Think of it as a kind of Google Map. The eLoc can be further linked to important information such as ownership and property tax credentials, details on civic amenities and utilities such as water, electricity, and gas.

Although Map my India, a private mapping company, will execute the project for the DoP, the sole ownership of the information and other sensitive data will remain with the department. This is to prevent the use of information by private companies for commercial purposes.

The private company has partnered with ISRO to get access to effective mapping coordinates. Upon success full implementation and operation of the pilot run, the government will move towards national expansion. The eLoc can also be used in parallel to the existing postal address.

A big advantage for both resident individuals and businesses is that the eLoc will enable them in navigating to the doorstep of a destination. This is expected to reduce many costs and increase time efficiency for businesses. Areas such as logistics, transportation and field operations can reap many benefits from the reduced fuel wastage.

With such a bold step towards digitization of the nation, let us hope for this move to be a step towards a better tomorrow, than another big vision that fails to address the need of the hour.