When we talk about Delhi-NCR Region, the panoramic image of excellent infrastructure appears before us. Delhi has been transformed into a city which has the best scope for development. Investors and buyers are heading towards Delhi for their real estate investment and this is because of the fact that investors in Delhi have gained maximum profit out of their investments. The return on investment is the main factor which influences buyers. It is the buyer’s and investor’s decision where they want to invest their money. But, the main consideration before any buyer is the widening of scope of development in the city which will automatically increase the valuation of his property. Various Projects on Dwarka expressway are gaining popularity because of the finest real estate developments and that’s why buyers are investing their money in these projects.

Most of the time it happens, that, while developing, we become ignorant because of aggressive development and for the sake of growth, we forget about our environment and surroundings. The term Sustainable Development defines the development which creates sustainability for all the sections of society and environment. On one side of Delhi, we have the posh areas like Connaught place and New Friends Colony and on the other side there are slums or rural areas.

Kathputli Colony slums area

There is a slum adjoining to Rajender Nagar and Karol Bagh, named as Kathputli Colony. The name Kathtputli colony is derived from the occupation of the people residing in that area.The diversity inside the society is very vast and the artists are contended by their life and earning. The 40 years old slum which dwells the families of puppeteers, magicians, folk singers, painters, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and storytellers which makes a total population of 2800 families that live in this slum.

Sincere efforts have been made by DDA and Private Developer like Raheja Developers to fulfill the needs of the slum dwellers. The inhabitants of the slum generally belong to Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Bihar and Gujarat. The main source of income of these slum dwellers is through performing folk dances, traditional singing and small handicrafts which also works as support to the adjoining colonies.

Another side of the colony is totally different. The overflowing drains and garbage heaps contradicts the artistic life of the slum dwellers. The basic amenities like toilets were not available and open defecation by the people lead to the deterioration of the place. There was hardly any support from the government’s side and the destiny of these people was restricted to the choked streets and filthy air.

There was a need to preserve the traditional art which could be done only through rehabilitation of these slum dwellers.Soon, the charge of rehabilitation and development was taken by Raheja Developers. Talking about the concept of sustainable development, The CMD of Raheja Developer, Navin Raheja is a wildlife enthusiast and he is known for his initiatives done for environment. Recently, he won the Green Man Award and that’s why Raheja Developers is considered as the best real estate developers in Delhi NCR.

In 2009, Delhi Government gave contract to Raheja Developers. Mr. Navin Raheja took this charge personally and Raheja Developers rehabilitated the dwellers of Kathputli colony to another locationwhich was already developed by Raheja Developers and in these transit camps, approximately 500 families have been shifted and they are leading contented life. Now, the transit camp of Kathputli colony is well equipped with various amenities like ultra-modern pre-fabricated structures, RO filtered drinking water, wide roads, electricity, adequate number of toilet and bathing facilities and even performance and display areas.

Kathputli project DDA

Development is necessary and it is the essential part of our life, but developing by ignoring the things around us, is not acceptable. People should take an initiative regarding the life of people who are underprivileged just like Raheja Developers did to the people of Kathputli Colony which turned out to be the first rehabilitation projects in Delhi NCR.