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Ready to Move In VS under Construction Property: Which One Suits You Best?

Planning to buy a property in Gurgaon or elsewhere, but still confused as to which one should you opt for, a ready to move in or an under construction property. Well, both have to offer their own set of benefits.

Below, are a few pointers which highlight the benefits of both. They might be helpful for you in making the best choice.

•    Tax Implications

A ready to move in property saves you the service tax that needs to be paid in the case of an under construction property. This creates a difference of a few lakhs when it comes to the final cost of the apartment.

•    House Rentals

In case of an under construction property, there might be a probability where in you need to pay the home loan EMIs as well as, if you are living in a rented accommodation, together.
But in case of a ready to move in property, you can actually move in and save on rentals and just pay the EMIs or rent it out and earn rentals to pay your EMIs with immediate effect.

•    Home Loans and Payment Plan

An under construction property gives you the liberty to pay a certain booking amount, usually 10% of the entire property value, and for the remaining amount buy time as per the payment plan chosen.
In case of a ready to move in property, since the property is ready to use, the buying time to make the payments is far less.

•    Price Benefits

Usually, the normal trend that has been observed is that when the property is launched, the prices of the apartment in Gurgaon are always lower and keep increasing as and when the construction of the property nears completion. Therefore, if you have invested in an under construction property, by the time it is completed, you will see a price rise. Therefore, if you plan to liquidate it, you can earn huge profits.

The above are a few pointers you must consider while deciding on the kind of property you would like to invest in and choose the one that best suits you.

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How to Choose the Best Payment Plan While Buying a New Home?

Planning to buy a new home, you surely would have been flooded with options where in you can pay in different time limits. These are different payment modes made available to the customers to make buying a home more easily convenient and affordable.

But how do you understand which one stands for what and most importantly which one suits you the best?


Here’s a brief on the most common payment plans offered to customers and in which scenario should they be selected.

  1. Down Payment Plan – This is the first payment plan usually offered to the customers where in usually you need to pay 95% in the first 30 – 60 days of booking.Now, this payment plan is most suited for people who have surplus money and are looking to invest it somewhere. The biggest advantage of this payment plan is that per square feet price in this case is the lowest. Therefore, you end up paying the least for the same apartment as opposed to any other payment plan you opt for.
  2. Construction Linked Payment Plan – This is again a very common payment plan offered to the customers. In this case, the payment pattern is linked to the construction of the project as the name suggests.As the construction keeps happening, after every landmark the customer is expected to pay a certain amount, which is predefined. For example, 5% of the total amount on excavation, 10% on laying the foundation, 5% on completing the 4th floor and so on and so forth.Since one is paying as per the construction, there is no question your money going in vain. Therefore, this is the best payment plan for those who put their life’s savings into it.
  3. Subvention Plan – This is a very convenient and friendly payment plan been introduced in the real estate industry lately. Here in you just need to pay a certain percentage in the beginning at the time of booking and post that you would only be paying after offer of possession.To help explain this payment plan better lets take an example of the most common subvention scheme offered, that is, 10:80:10. In such a case, the customer needs to pay 10% at the time of booking, the next 80% is covered by bank loan for which the EMI begins only once the customer gets the offer of possession. Till then, the pre EMI to the bank is paid by the developer. And the last 10% is to be paid to the developer at the time of offer of possession. This is best suited for people who are currently living in rented houses. This is because you can book your home with a booking amount and your EMI begins only once you get the offer of possession. Therefore, you move in and start living in your new house and convert your house rent into your EMI.

Analyze the payment options wisely before deciding on one and make the best deal for yourself.

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The Phenomenon Called ‘Luxury Real Estate’

The best part about a Luxury property is ‘exclusivity’. Unlike an affordable regular home, you won’t have many prospects to deal with while selling Luxury property. Just boost the client’s ego and make him feel out of the herd, voila! It’s all sorted.

These are the key factors which play a major role in luxury homes inventory clearance –

Social Selling-Luxury Real Estate purchasers are from a particular circle and what you have to do is to tap the right gathering of people for referrals. It helps if you’ve dealt with Luxury buyers in the past. Nowadays a considerable measure of promoting for restrictive properties happens on Instagram in light of the fact that it works.

LinkedIn is the place you can pay for a premium record and have the capacity to send In Mails to your prospects. Despite the fact that it’s an icy approach, make it professional and add value.


Price Escalation– Luxury Real Estate is also classified by price. On the off chance that the last arrangement was of x sum then the following arrangement ought to normally be of at any rate x+1% sum in a moderate market and x+upto 10% sum in a decent market. Real Estate is all about appreciation. Escalate the prices and raise the bar and ego.

Networking- Keep the snare where the fishes are. You will have a hard time believing what number of extravagance properties get sold through a remarkable reference accomplice.

To get into the system, do whatever it takes. Reconnect with your youth companions who’ve become wildly successful now, join costly clubs where your objective purchaser is probably going to be, take in a costly side interest. Every one of these means will help you in two ways, one is an immediate route through references and purchasers, the other are you get a window into their mentality and what makes them click.

Your personality-This is the most important factor. If you feel confident and are in the right shoes, your client will look into your eyes and close the deal blindly. At last, individuals purchase from individuals. Demonstrate some sympathy and trust, the game is yours.


Stay tuned to this Blog for more insights on commercial projects in Gurgaon and residential projects in Gurgaon. We at Raheja deal in a wide range of spaces and guarantees the best returns on commercial projects in Gurgaon and residential projects in Gurgaon.

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Dream Home: Is Investing In An Apartment A Good Idea?

Settling on the life choice as to where you rest your head each night and carry on with your life amid the day can be an overwhelming assignment most definitely. A last finish of this extent requires clear thought and succinct assessment.

To help with this choice Apartment living is the thing that I would suggest. Especially when we talk about commercial hubs or where we have a lot of working class people, apartment seems to be the better option. The scale at which the residential property in Gurgaon has scaled up is amazing. The city is now densely populated and the value of property in Gurgaon has also gone up due to the economic value of the city. Now there are apartments in Gurgaon to suite the needs of different sections of people (Budget apartments, luxury apartments, duplex).


There are many advantages of apartments Living:

1. Pleasantries

Dissimilar to houses, flat buildings are for the most part worked with particular luxuries, for example, pools, rec centers, comfort stores and clothing places either on the premises or within proximate distance. In spite of the fact that you could simply have these components incorporated with your home, the budgetary commitment is not as remunerating. Condo living can end up being an exceptionally advantageous living course of action.

2. Support

No support abilities required, As living in a flat does not oblige you to have any upkeep aptitudes in light of the fact that a group of support experts repairs everything for you.

3. Wellbeing

In spite of the fact that mortgage holders regularly put resources into some type of home security framework or another, loft buildings likewise put resources into the general wellbeing of its occupants. The nearness of neighbors (as opposed to being the one and only in a house at any given minute) and normal condo complex wellbeing measures demonstrate that multi-unit homes are the most secure areas for single ladies, kids, families and the elderly.

4. Group

Other incredible advantages of condo living are the social ramifications of the nearness and associations one creates amid their residency. In spite of the fact that a feeling of group exists in both country and rural zones, the nearness of condo life improves the likelihood of making long lasting associations.


5. Openness

A best aspect regarding a condo complex is the nearness of anything you require. Strip mall areas are ordinarily picked by the general demographic of a group. The more prominent the possibility for conceivable benefactors, the bigger the requirement for the mall. This little goody of data is helpful. Regardless of what you require, there is a strip mall close-by to suit you.

6. Stopping

Contingent upon the perplexing you pick, you may have a wide range of stopping choices, which permits you to choose the one that suits your spending best. Most flats permit you to buy a secured parking spot and Some have open auto stopping.

Living in apartment offers some magnificent advantages and is unquestionably a way of life worth considering.

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Demand and Supply of Affordable Housing and Plots in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, a city with little history but marvelous growth in present market condition is expected to come in competition with countries like Dubai in future. Within a few years it has become an economic centre of the nation. With more than 250 organizations, around 500 BOP’S / KPO’S and over 2 lakh executives working in the city, plots in Gurgaon are becoming a high priority among those who want to purchase a residential apartment. Demand of commercial spaces is directly proportional to the investment of residential apartments.


Emerging of various start-ups is also one of the reasons of increase in demand of purchase of plots in Gurgaon. Another factor to be taken into account is the introduction of Real Estate Infrastructure Fund (RFIF). The proposed move will eventually help in unlocking funds from completed projects in real estate. Funds will be raised through the sale of units.


City which was initially known for luxury and premium properties has also included affordable housing into account. The present market scenario in real estate in link with affordable housing in Gurgaon is such that demand for affordable residential apartments is more while the supply is far less. This is also another key factor why real estate developers are focusing more on affordable plots. The interest shown by various people in this segment is likely to facilitate timely delivery of projects.7th pay commission approval by the cabinet is another key factor which will help real estate sector in seeing a boost.

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Future Scope of Residential Apartments in Gurgaon

Residential apartments in Gurgaon will be seeing more demand in coming days as collector (circle) rates of immovable property have gotten reduced by 15% as mentioned by Haryana government on 27 June, 2016. The collector rates have been reduced keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Rates for registration of property
  • Market rate
  • Rates of plots fixed by private builders in the district


One more reason of increase in its popularity is green commercial buildings. People are now understanding with more clarity about the significance in ‘green’ growth in residential segment. Green buildings also address the major concern area of waste disposal.

Various incentives provided in green commercial building include:

  • Higher FAR
  • Property tax incentives

Green buildings are better solution in near future, since designing and building real estate which results in much lower emissions is in almost every developer’s mind today. The popularity and demand of penthouses in Gurgaon is increasing rapidly because major population in Gurgaon comes under financially well groomed sector. Another reason for its growth is a symbol of wealth and modernity. The locations of penthouses are majorly located in such areas where the connection to important places is easily approachable and the basic as well as desired amenities are provided too.


With more NRI’s, foreigners and people with deep pockets moving into metropolitan cities like Gurgaon, the penthouse availability has also gone up due to these reasons. Common key factors that distinguish a regular residential property with penthouse are:

  1. More land space (Sq. ft.)
  2. Desired amenities (Swimming Pool, Gym etc.)
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Commercial Property – The Best Thing To Invest In

Indian real estate sector is expected to witness a record increase in sales because the initiatives taken by the Government may give a push to the sector and reinstate investors’ confidence. Real estate experts believe that the government’s promotion of:

– 100 Smart Cities
– AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation)
– Housing for All by 2022
– Infrastructure development

are among few of the steps that would benefit the economy.

Private equity investors are now buying stakes in distressed/stalled projects in partnership with big real estate developers. Unlike in residential projects, they are generally bigger developers who build, rent and maintain commercial projects, as they require long-term commitments. Commercial property serves as a lucrative investment option with investors gaining from rental income as well as capital appreciation. Commercial property in Gurgaon is in almost every investor’s mind, as the city is in news for all the right reasons and at right time.


Recently there has been a sharp increase in the demand of commercial office space in Gurgaon. Furnished office spaces in corporate buildings have helped Gurgaon in becoming the commercial hub of India. Market researchers and Industry analysts have calculated that the demand of Gurgaon properties is likely to increase in future and the reason being that investors are aware about the profit they will be making in near future.

One of the vital reasons as to why experts suggest customers to investment in office space is because India is among the topmost developing countries in the world and more top-notch MNCs are planning to open their office here in order to expand their business.

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Influence of GST on Real Estate

Real estate sector is deeply inter-linked with GST (Goods and Service Tax). GST has the power to increase transparency in its functionality and even reduce the cost of ownership of homes and buyers.

GST, which has been one of the longest awaited tax reforms, got unanimous approval from both houses of parliament this monsoon session. Opting for residential projects in Gurgaon has also seen an increment, as individuals will have to pay additional VAT (Value Added Tax) if they purchase a project which is still under-construction.


The demand of residential projects is likely to get increased as recently, Haryana Government has approved proposals which will affect pricing of residential apartments.

The Haryana government has approved the two-pronged proposals:

  • Increase in the floor area ratio (FAR) in the range of 0.35 to 0.80.
  • Allow plot owners to build more space for housing units in Gurgaon by increasing ground coverage.

These proposals will definitely help in enhancing the demand of residential projects in Gurgaon and fully furnished flats in Gurgaon as well.

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Choosing Fully Furnished Flats – The Convenient Way

As people in present day want everything to happen quickly and without hassles, moving in fully furnished flats at Gurgaon has also seen a positive impact. Gurgaon, being populated majorly with people working in multinational organisations can’t invest much time in searching, communicating with locals, going to every onsite projects and renovation. So the ideal option for these specific individuals is to purchase a fully furnished flat.

The market for fully furnished flats is becoming stronger day-by-day thanks to Non-Residential Indians (NRI) who prefers to invest in lucrative properties like these Serviced apartments are becoming a new real estate avenue. Serviced apartments are fully furnished with one, two or three bedrooms, hall, and kitchen (BHK) apartments with kitchen managed by service operator. This service is already very popular in Europe, US and other developed markets, and is expected to become a hit in India as well in coming future.

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Reasonable and Ideal Luxury Apartments in Delhi / NCR

Purchasing of ready to move in apartments in Gurgaon, is booming because of strong and steadily growing economy of India. Advantage of buying a ready to move in apartment is the elimination of risks associated with project execution. It’s best for people who are currently living on a rented premise.

builders in Gurgaon

Another factor which is seen as a huge benefits:

  • Security
  • Electricity Backup
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Creche
  • 24*7 water supply


Purchasing a home, getting it completed as per your requirement and moving, is an exhaustive process which involves

  1. Property inspection
  2. Locality research
  3. Research for best interiors
  4. Flat finishing etc.

real estate gurgaon

Availability of affordable homes in many parts of Delhi/NCR is one of the various drivers of the recent shift from paying rentals to paying equated monthly installments (EMI’s).Real estate developers in Delhi/NCR have taken the benefit by comparing different regions across India and used the variables in their favor. Following factors include:

  • Connectivity
  • Amenities
  • Higher price rates in other regions


Real estate developers now are emphasing more on reliability than popularity as buyers want transparent and trustworthy service in the present day.

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