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Raheja Developers – Live in Awe every second of the day

With the extensive growth of a city, comes the essential need for more residential and commercial spaces. Research suggests that the coming years shall witness an increase in investments into the commercial office space sector as new investment grade projects are coming in. Commercial office spaces keep on gaining pace with foreign investors looking at a pie of the market potential.

fully furnished office spaces in Gurgaon

Astounding fully furnished office spaces in Gurgaon, represent our authenticity in design and attention given to providing the utmost comfort. We work closely with seasoned experts to guarantee that every one of their ventures is delivered to build trust and value. We consistently look to enhance social and monetary commitment and strive to be the most sought out commercial developer in the country. Every venture is of cutting edge design and are proficiently offered on a built-to-suit and ready-to-occupy basis. Raheja constantly adapts reinforced frameworks that have proven to be a catalyst for their successful ventures in relentless development in the commercial sector.

Commercial office spaces in Gurgaon from Raheja Developers have been turning many heads, as they are located in the prime commercial, business, and IT localities. Utilizing an innovative approach and positive vision for the future, we constantly strive to expand businesses, coupling a sense of innovation by providing integrated and astounding furnished office spaces in Gurgaon. This has helped to add ever increasing advancements, to effectively cater the specific needs of the clients from all over the world.

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Raheja Redefining Luxurious Living

The real estate development is on the rise and there is no question about it. Diverse information from all over the country has declared the massive growth in developments like we have never seen before. Numerous ventures aimed at enriching the lifestyle of home owners have been rising in major cities across the country. In reality, the future of prime property development looks energizing. As we look forward into recent advancements in development, we cannot overlook the ultimate luxury living perception that these developers have provided us with.

We take much pride in facilitating homes that are equipped with extravagant luxury amenities that promise to make anyone indulge in luxury. We have fabricated development and high-stature through well planning and adapting quality parameters that have genuinely had a huge effect on the development of plots in Gurgaon just as they strive in developing other major cities in the country. Today, the organization appreciates a solid proximity with NCR and has made its position as one of the biggest names in the property development sector. We give special attention to details such as accentuation on contemporary design, solid venture execution and quality development. The spectacular plots in Sohna Road facilitate simplicity, solace, and productivity of its residents.

By efficiently collaborating with the best professionals, we aim at changing world wide patterns, at the same time, bringing in newer and better reforms that can enhance luxury living experiences. Keeping in mind, the goal to accomplish new strata of prime luxurious properties in Gurgaon, we work with much versatility to embrace improvements in the fields of design, planning, building, and development.

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Mistakes To Be Avoided Before Purchasing A Home

Once we decide on achieving a goal, mistakes is something which follows every step we take towards that goal. It is these mistakes which shape us, educate us from every experience it gives, sharpen us and also helps us achieve our result with more perfection. These mistakes can be in any shape or form and can vary from being minor, funny, or careless to something which is a pure blunder. While certain can be easily avoided and moved ahead from, but some just cannot be redone. And while achieving your dream house and investing that big lump of money, we surely do not wish to leave any loopholes open and get trapped in mistakes.

So before you buy your dream home, let us make sure that few of these mistakes must never be done, or must surely be avoided:

Agreements: One of the easiest mistake which people tend to do while performing any task is not reading the agreement documents attentively. While we are planning on buying our dream house, missing out on reading the ‘Purchase Agreement’, we make ourselves susceptible to fraud and forgery. Also, not reading denotes that the documents haven’t been verified and you aren’t aware if that property has all the requisite clearances. Not just reading of this agreement is important, but one must sit with their lawyer and get everything cleared and real estate developers in Gurgaon make sure that everything is smoothly done.

Token Amount: One must pay the amount of token only when your home loan is sanctioned and not otherwise. Paying the token money without being sure of your home loan approval, is a mistake done by naïve buyers to make sure that their eyes house is not sold off to someone else. Only when you are sure that your loan will be passed, or you have the other possible alternatives ready if the loan is not approved, should you pay the token money, otherwise you make yourself prone to several legal issues.

Variable and Fixed Price: one mistake which buyers usually do is not being aware of the fixed and variable costs of your home fixed by the builders. If you aren’t having information about these different amounts you are sure to be cheated for the expenses you will have to incur while buying that dream home. There are sellers who drop their property rates but simultaneously raise their maintenance and other charges irrationally and hence you need to keep yourself updated about these varying cost of fixed and variable rates.

Carpet area &Super built-up area: Get yourself educated about the difference between the two. The properties which are based on the super built-up area are usually more costly than that of the carpet area. Insisting a price quote based on carpet area is always an advantage to the buyers.

So, once you decide on buying yourself a dream house like those of luxury apartments in Gurgaon for sale, make sure you are aware of the common mistakes that people generally do and make yourself smart by avoiding them and enjoy the easy buying of home without any legal issues.

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7 Facts About Living in Sohna!

Located south of Gurgaon, Sohna is one of the most upcoming towns in the NCR region today. With Gurgaon, Manesar, and Delhi getting saturated, industry focus has now shifted to Sohna.


  • Sohna is well connected to Gurgaon through the Sohna Road which in turn is in close proximity to the Golf Course Extension Road.
  • The nearest metro station being Huda City Center metro station, there are state-owned buses which help people commute till there.
  • In the last one year, this region has seen an appreciation of 8% in capital values.
  • Rentals have seen an appreciation of 33% in this area in the last 3 years.
  • There is a wide range of residential offerings in the area from villas to apartments, all in the affordable to the luxury range.
  • Compared to nearby Gurgaon, the prices in these areas are much more affordable making it a smarter option.
  • Since there are many developments coming up in the area, there are many shopping malls, apartment in Gurgaon, residential plots in Gurgaon, 5-star hotels and other recreational options coming up as well.
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More Than a Billion Dollars of Investments for Gurgaon in 2016!

Gurgaon over the years has been one of the most emerging cities in Delhi NCR. This year itself, Gurgaon has dominated by a huge margin with increased investments, stated a CBRE report. Stagnation in Delhi’s urban development and the presence of high quality gated residential communities helped Gurgaon gain over 70% of the Office Leasing.


With land acquisition and financing getting Gurgaon more than a billion dollars of investment, the overall outlook of the market looks extremely bullish. Commercial office markets and extremely upmarket residential communities give a huge thumbs up to the growing Gurgaon realty market.

Though prime locations like MG Road and Golf Course Road have become expensive with respect to flats for sale in Gurgaon, the city has a host of new locations to offer with great residential options. Very nearby is the Golf Course Extension, Dwarka Expressway as well as New Gurgaon which have amazing residential options in various price brackets.


Gurgaon, as a city to invest, has gained popularity not just nationally but internationally as well with countries like China and other neighboring ones evaluating it as their first option for investment in property in Gurgaon.

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3 Reasons Why Sohna Should be Your Next Investment Option

With the latest CBRE report, Gurgaon has come out as a bullish market when it comes to real estate investments. Another adjoining area which has been showing great promise is Sohna.


3 Reasons Sohna has come a long way and shows serious promise as the next big thing in the real estate industry –

  1. Corporate Hub – With Gurgaon, getting saturated, Sohna, the adjacent place has become the next big thing when it comes to corporates. A host of big MNCs and five star hotels have already set up their operations there. And this will only be growing with time.
  2. Well Connected – Sohna is very well placed which makes connectivity extremely easy for people around. National Highway 8, Huda City Centre and Sikanderpur Metro Station are in close vicinity making travel much easier. The airport is also around 20 kilometers from here.
  3. The Social Quotient – With corporates and five star hotels coming in the area, there is a population with valuable purchasing power. Considering this, there are IT parks, Malls like Liberation Mall, Mall and House, schools like GD Goenka, Delhi Public School and so much more in the area. When it comes to style then there are luxury villas in Gurgaon & Sohna and penthouses in Gurgaon & Sohna are quite high in demand.
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Demonetization & its Effect on Real Estate & Indian Economy

On November 8,2016, a landmark judgment was passed by our government which made the use of then existing Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes illegal in the next 4 hours.

Though there has been a mixed response from the public, it has been a great move for the economy.

The real estate industry has also been affected by the demonetization policy. Let’s have a look at how –

1. Benefit to Organized Builders

This move has given a huge benefit to organized developers who do not get involved in cash transactions. Now, the people who were preferring transactions in cash would be more interested in checking out properties of organized builders as well since they would have to pay in white only.

2. Transparency & Trust Boosted

Since all the transactions now will be only in white by each and every builder, the common notion about the real estate industry would also change. The entire notion about the real estate industry created by a handful of players, primarily in the tier II cities, the unorganized builders as they are also referred to as would now change and it would be considered as a more transparent and trustworthy industry.

3. Long Term Benefits

The real estate industry is expected to gain a great deal in the long run from this policy. Since real estate industry was a lucrative one for investments, certain people would divert their investments to other sectors just because of the perception created by a handful of builders.

Now, the scenario has completely changed. Now, all sectors would be looked at par, and since the real estate industry would gain a lot of transparency and trust from investors, investments are expected to increase a great deal.

Overall view on demonetization and impact on real estate market?

The landmark move or say a master stroke by the Modi Government to demonetize high-value currency notes will have a far-reaching impact on the capital-intensive real estate sector that’s what we are hearing everywhere. But according to my observation Primary market or organized developers and big developers will not be affected. It will have its effects on the Secondary market and resale. The land would become cheaper helping end users to buy property at the affordable price. The sales in primary market will improve.

In the long term, though, these measures to curb unaccounted wealth will increase transparency and credibility in the sector. The setting up of a Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in each state will also bring about increased accountability in the markets. While the general mood of a not-so-desperate property seller will be to wait and watch, these times may actually prove to be a boon for homebuyers who can look forward to some affordable deals that suit their pockets. Also, home loans will get cheaper and Institutional funding will become slightly easier for real estate developers .Expecting approval processes to become better and faster.

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Ready to Move In VS under Construction Property: Which One Suits You Best?

Planning to buy a property in Gurgaon or elsewhere, but still confused as to which one should you opt for, a ready to move in or an under construction property. Well, both have to offer their own set of benefits.

Below, are a few pointers which highlight the benefits of both. They might be helpful for you in making the best choice.

•    Tax Implications

A ready to move in property saves you the service tax that needs to be paid in the case of an under construction property. This creates a difference of a few lakhs when it comes to the final cost of the apartment.

•    House Rentals

In case of an under construction property, there might be a probability where in you need to pay the home loan EMIs as well as, if you are living in a rented accommodation, together.
But in case of a ready to move in property, you can actually move in and save on rentals and just pay the EMIs or rent it out and earn rentals to pay your EMIs with immediate effect.

•    Home Loans and Payment Plan

An under construction property gives you the liberty to pay a certain booking amount, usually 10% of the entire property value, and for the remaining amount buy time as per the payment plan chosen.
In case of a ready to move in property, since the property is ready to use, the buying time to make the payments is far less.

•    Price Benefits

Usually, the normal trend that has been observed is that when the property is launched, the prices of the apartment in Gurgaon are always lower and keep increasing as and when the construction of the property nears completion. Therefore, if you have invested in an under construction property, by the time it is completed, you will see a price rise. Therefore, if you plan to liquidate it, you can earn huge profits.

The above are a few pointers you must consider while deciding on the kind of property you would like to invest in and choose the one that best suits you.

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How to Choose the Best Payment Plan While Buying a New Home?

Planning to buy a new home, you surely would have been flooded with options where in you can pay in different time limits. These are different payment modes made available to the customers to make buying a home more easily convenient and affordable.

But how do you understand which one stands for what and most importantly which one suits you the best?


Here’s a brief on the most common payment plans offered to customers and in which scenario should they be selected.

  1. Down Payment Plan – This is the first payment plan usually offered to the customers where in usually you need to pay 95% in the first 30 – 60 days of booking.Now, this payment plan is most suited for people who have surplus money and are looking to invest it somewhere. The biggest advantage of this payment plan is that per square feet price in this case is the lowest. Therefore, you end up paying the least for the same apartment as opposed to any other payment plan you opt for.
  2. Construction Linked Payment Plan – This is again a very common payment plan offered to the customers. In this case, the payment pattern is linked to the construction of the project as the name suggests.As the construction keeps happening, after every landmark the customer is expected to pay a certain amount, which is predefined. For example, 5% of the total amount on excavation, 10% on laying the foundation, 5% on completing the 4th floor and so on and so forth.Since one is paying as per the construction, there is no question your money going in vain. Therefore, this is the best payment plan for those who put their life’s savings into it.
  3. Subvention Plan – This is a very convenient and friendly payment plan been introduced in the real estate industry lately. Here in you just need to pay a certain percentage in the beginning at the time of booking and post that you would only be paying after offer of possession.To help explain this payment plan better lets take an example of the most common subvention scheme offered, that is, 10:80:10. In such a case, the customer needs to pay 10% at the time of booking, the next 80% is covered by bank loan for which the EMI begins only once the customer gets the offer of possession. Till then, the pre EMI to the bank is paid by the developer. And the last 10% is to be paid to the developer at the time of offer of possession. This is best suited for people who are currently living in rented houses. This is because you can book your home with a booking amount and your EMI begins only once you get the offer of possession. Therefore, you move in and start living in your new house and convert your house rent into your EMI.

Analyze the payment options wisely before deciding on one and make the best deal for yourself.

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The Phenomenon Called ‘Luxury Real Estate’

The best part about a Luxury property is ‘exclusivity’. Unlike an affordable regular home, you won’t have many prospects to deal with while selling Luxury property. Just boost the client’s ego and make him feel out of the herd, voila! It’s all sorted.

These are the key factors which play a major role in luxury homes inventory clearance –

Social Selling-Luxury Real Estate purchasers are from a particular circle and what you have to do is to tap the right gathering of people for referrals. It helps if you’ve dealt with Luxury buyers in the past. Nowadays a considerable measure of promoting for restrictive properties happens on Instagram in light of the fact that it works.

LinkedIn is the place you can pay for a premium record and have the capacity to send In Mails to your prospects. Despite the fact that it’s an icy approach, make it professional and add value.


Price Escalation– Luxury Real Estate is also classified by price. On the off chance that the last arrangement was of x sum then the following arrangement ought to normally be of at any rate x+1% sum in a moderate market and x+upto 10% sum in a decent market. Real Estate is all about appreciation. Escalate the prices and raise the bar and ego.

Networking- Keep the snare where the fishes are. You will have a hard time believing what number of extravagance properties get sold through a remarkable reference accomplice.

To get into the system, do whatever it takes. Reconnect with your youth companions who’ve become wildly successful now, join costly clubs where your objective purchaser is probably going to be, take in a costly side interest. Every one of these means will help you in two ways, one is an immediate route through references and purchasers, the other are you get a window into their mentality and what makes them click.

Your personality-This is the most important factor. If you feel confident and are in the right shoes, your client will look into your eyes and close the deal blindly. At last, individuals purchase from individuals. Demonstrate some sympathy and trust, the game is yours.


Stay tuned to this Blog for more insights on commercial projects in Gurgaon and residential projects in Gurgaon. We at Raheja deal in a wide range of spaces and guarantees the best returns on commercial projects in Gurgaon and residential projects in Gurgaon.

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