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Recreate Your Mind, Body and Soul in Complexes

Home is surely a place which brings us happiness, peace, and bliss. But, it is not just the four walls of the home which bring to us the desired joy, but the surroundings which we live in. Today, when there is a shift from stand-alone buildings to complexes, where people don’t just get their flats but a complete package of relaxation and recreation, it is these additional amenities which are making the bigger impact.

Recreation, being a part of the everyday routine is not just important for bringing that relief from stress but shapes our entire well-being. Some of the advantages which the affordable flats in Gurgaon along with their amenities or recreation provide are:

Stronger Bonds: Be it your own family or the neighbouring friends, doing some playful activity together is sure to create a positive impact and make those bonds even stronger.

Self-Esteem: When you get that enough time for yourself, and is invested in doing some physical or mental work by you, there is an entire ounce of energy released which enhances one’s self-esteem. So, when you buy that affordable flat in Gurgaon it is not just for living but that self-esteem.

Physical Endurance: By, pushing yourself for some physical activity, like yoga, swimming, badminton or a simple walk, the entire physical body gets into shape and beautifies one’s personality.

Feel Good Factor: When one does some physical activity or some form of workout, there are hormones released which affect the entire body and develop that feel good factor about oneself, which doesn’t just help physically but even the emotional health improves and properties in Gurgaon surely bring that feel good factor along.

Stress Buster: Activity done outside compulsion or as add-on are always the one which bring a smile to the face. Be it your hobby, passion, or a simple jog, it is sure to release you of that gallon of stress which we develop in our everyday routine.

Brain Strength: Any activity we perform definitely triggers the brain neurons which helps activate the muscles and make the brain functions much effective. Plus, when one is free of stress and has its physical and emotional health in place, the mental health is always boosted.

Cultural openness: When one lives in complexes and is exposed to activities with people outside their culture, race, religion, nationality, one gets exposed and open to adapting new traditions and customs which brings all the diversities together.

So, when you buy property in Gurgaon, make sure that you don’t just get that flat or apartment, but an entire space where you can relax, mingle, learn, grow, and beautify your mind, body, and soul.

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6 Reasons Service Apartments Are Home Outside Home

The comfort, the pleasure, the leisure, the peace that a home gives nothing else can give. It is a feeling which comes because we have the freedom to do what we wish to, the freedom of living in that place as we desire to. But, once we go away from home for business, work prospects, or vacation we think of places or hotels which would provide us not that level of comfort but something like home. This quest for living in a place like home away from home is fulfilled by service apartments.

Service apartments are not only trending but are also seen as a very optimal option for people traveling for business trips or vacationing with friends and family. They don’t just provide hotel like facilities but cater to things which a regular home does. Some of the main essentials provided by the service apartments in Gurgaon are:

1. Space: The biggest advantage of a service apartment is the humungous amount of space it provides. You have to yourself an entire apartment for the duration you book your stay, which can have multiple rooms, dining hall, kitchen, restrooms and much more.

2. Kitchen: A place which provides a home feeling because you can cook that basic and everyday food which is healthy and sumptuous. At any point in time, you can sip your cup of coffee or tea or have that midnight meal.

3. 24 Hour Service: As the name suggests ‘service’, you are provided with 24-hour service. You need to organise a party, social gathering, day trip everything can be very well arranged by the guys in the same way a hotel might arrange for you, whenever you tell them.

4. Privacy: Since it is like a hotel and not one, you are assured of your Privacy at all times, which might be sacrificed by home or hotels. Once you are in that serviced apartment, you can take the leeway to work it in your manner as it is all dedicated to your privacy and freedom.

5. Laundry: Very simple and affordable laundry given to residents at any point of time, with necessary equipment’s in house.

6. Cost: A service apartment is always a cost effective approach than a hotel, because of space, freedom, and service it provides for an entire flat and for any number of people accommodating in there.

Looking at the above advantages a service apartment can give, the upcoming projects in Gurgaon are dedicated to providing the travelers a feeling of the home outside home.

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Positives and Negatives Which Come Along Buying an Office Space

Any individual or a business be it small or big, will come to a question of a space where he can reside, perform activities, expand its living, dream and much more. So, like we humans need a space for living and flourishing so does a business, for working and progressing ahead.

So, a quest is always on, in the mind of the entrepreneurs or any business regarding buying an office space or rent somewhere? To simplify this quest we can analyse the advantages and disadvantages of buying yourself an office space.

No Landlord: Yes, one of the simplest way to see the benefit of buying yourself an office space is that, you are not answerable to anyone. The hassles or the terms and conditions which might create some issues can be avoided and the overall running becomes smooth and the best option is to buy property in Gurgaon.

Tax Deductions: The costs which along with owning and running a commercial space will provide you the required tax deductions in the form of property taxes, mortgage interest and other items.

Fixed Cost: By locking your commercial mortgage for long-term one can clearly give their business a cost which fixed and there are office space for sale in Gurgaon.

Additional Income: One can always make that extra space while buying a huge property, available for others. You can easily rent you additional office space and have that extra income which flows in smoothly.

Retirement Savings: When you own an office space you open up prospects which will flourish over time. Like any other property, commercial property also appreciates over time. And, in the future the owner can anytime sell that space and make that retirement peaceful.

Upfront Costs: When you make that big decision for buying your desired office space, it will initially cost you huge amount. You will have to bear some additional costs like property cost, appraisal cost, possible property improvement costs and maintenance costs along with large down payment to start with.

Less Flexibility: Since a business be it new or old remains dynamic and can have needs which are unexpected in the future, so the same space may need to be modified or expanded. And, with the ever growing business and its future needs, that space might become inadequate and you might be forced to sell it.

Like the two sides of a coin, buying an office space for your business also has various pros and cons to itself. Though, we see it has negatives, but if one analyses and forecasts its needs well in advance, buying that desired office space to fulfil the growth of a business is the best investment decision.

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Mistakes To Be Avoided Before Purchasing A Home

Once we decide on achieving a goal, mistakes is something which follows every step we take towards that goal. It is these mistakes which shape us, educate us from every experience it gives, sharpen us and also helps us achieve our result with more perfection. These mistakes can be in any shape or form and can vary from being minor, funny, or careless to something which is a pure blunder. While certain can be easily avoided and moved ahead from, but some just cannot be redone. And while achieving your dream house and investing that big lump of money, we surely do not wish to leave any loopholes open and get trapped in mistakes.

So before you buy your dream home, let us make sure that few of these mistakes must never be done, or must surely be avoided:

Agreements: One of the easiest mistake which people tend to do while performing any task is not reading the agreement documents attentively. While we are planning on buying our dream house, missing out on reading the ‘Purchase Agreement’, we make ourselves susceptible to fraud and forgery. Also, not reading denotes that the documents haven’t been verified and you aren’t aware if that property has all the requisite clearances. Not just reading of this agreement is important, but one must sit with their lawyer and get everything cleared and real estate developers in Gurgaon make sure that everything is smoothly done.

Token Amount: One must pay the amount of token only when your home loan is sanctioned and not otherwise. Paying the token money without being sure of your home loan approval, is a mistake done by naïve buyers to make sure that their eyes house is not sold off to someone else. Only when you are sure that your loan will be passed, or you have the other possible alternatives ready if the loan is not approved, should you pay the token money, otherwise you make yourself prone to several legal issues.

Variable and Fixed Price: one mistake which buyers usually do is not being aware of the fixed and variable costs of your home fixed by the builders. If you aren’t having information about these different amounts you are sure to be cheated for the expenses you will have to incur while buying that dream home. There are sellers who drop their property rates but simultaneously raise their maintenance and other charges irrationally and hence you need to keep yourself updated about these varying cost of fixed and variable rates.

Carpet area &Super built-up area: Get yourself educated about the difference between the two. The properties which are based on the super built-up area are usually more costly than that of the carpet area. Insisting a price quote based on carpet area is always an advantage to the buyers.

So, once you decide on buying yourself a dream house like those of luxury apartments in Gurgaon for sale, make sure you are aware of the common mistakes that people generally do and make yourself smart by avoiding them and enjoy the easy buying of home without any legal issues.

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Rera States Developers and Buyers Pay Same 10% Interest on Any Delays

Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) declares that buyers of any delayed projects will get interest on the invested amount for the delay period as against 5 to 10 per square feet decided as per sales agreement, as mentioned by the chairman of Madhya Pradesh RERA Anthony de Sa. The current prescribed rate of RERA is 10%.

Anthony de Sa also said that, that only when the developers are ready to pay the buyer interest at the authority’s prescribed rate will their ongoing projects be registered with RERA. The prescribed rate is 2 percentage points above SBI’s MCLR (marginal cost of fund based lending rate) and not like the earlier contractual rates of 5 to 10 per sq ft which was accepted by the builders to pay when the sales agreement was signed. At present, as the SBI’s MCLR is 8% the developers will have to pay 10% interest on the amount paid by the buyers.

Dilbag Singh Sihag, a member of RERA Haryana committee and chief town planner of Haryana government, who is entrusted with the responsibility of finalising the RERA Rules for the state, mentions that for justice there has to be same interest rates to be paid by developers as they are charging the buyers for any delay in payments on outstanding dues and developers in Gurgaon are striving to come to terms with these rules.  So, like the 10% interest has been fixed for the developers, similarly the buyers will also be paying only 10% on delayed payments of their dues and not the penal rates of 12% to 18% as per the sales agreement.

Developers normally charge a high rate of 12% to 18% while they are paying only Rs 5 per sqft to Rs 10 per sqft on a project which costs 4,000 to 5,000 sqft. Sihag says this mismatch will be resolved only when both developers and buyers will pay the RERA prescribed rates on any delay. He, also added that no final view has been taken so far.

Chief Secretary of housing urban development, Punjab, Vini Mahajan, who is also appointed as the interim regulatory authority under RERA, says that existing buyers will get relief under RERA, clarifying that the authority is bound by the act and rules while taking the decision. So, it will only enforce the contract signed between buyers and developers with regards to RERA rules and cannot go beyond the act.

Regulators also stated that wile registering ongoing projects, developers can set their own deadline for completion of their projects, but it has to be a reasonable one. Anthony de Sa said that, say if a project was launched some eight years back and the developers returns for its registration asking for another four years for finishing it, such things cannot be granted. There is no rule book for fixing the deadline, which depends on the existing condition and stage of implementation of the project. But, once the deadline is fixed and developer fails to meet it, the regulator will take a very harsh view – he will either have to return the money back to the buyers with its interest or face dire consequences, including even a jail term, says Sihag.

RERA also assures that it will facilitate the completion of projects in time, so that all buyers are satisfied and only if the developers fail to achieve this goal, there will be stern actions taken by the regulators, which shows that apartments in Gurgaon are definitely a fair deal when one thinks of investments.


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Influencing Factors That Drive Real Estate Industry

One of the most important portion of people’s wealth is taken up by real estate industry, be it your own property or something you’ve rented. Realtors provide you with space for living, working, amusement, shopping and much more. Though this market is a crucial one but it is affected by certain factors which channelize its movement.

Factors that influence the real estate industry are:
Economy: one of the key factor which determine the fate of the real estate market is the overall health of an economy, which is generally measured in terms of economic indicators like GDP, prices of goods, employment data, manufacturing activity,etc. This can be seen by an example, if people are employed permanently they will demand a space to their name near their work place and to fulfil this need commercial projects in Gurgaon are developed. To say, if the economy is doing well, the real estate market will also do well.

Government Policies: Legislation highly impacts on how the real estate works and fixes its prices and norms for selling off a property. The union budget of 2017, brought in a lot of changes like the adoption of RERA Act, which brings in benefit to customers. The extension of tenure loans under CLSS etc are all policies which greatly impact real estate market.

Interest Rates: Since one cannot completely buy a property on one go (complete payment), or all by themselves, interest rates come into play due to borrowing of loans. The way one approaches for investing in a property is highly dependent of the current home loans or property loans that are applicable in the market. Ones the rates are low, demand for it increases and vice versa.

Demographics: This is a factor which shows the composition of a population, such as age, race, gender, income, migration patterns and population growth. Though these factors are usually overlooked but becomes the deciding factors of how people will exactly think when it comes to buying or investing in a property, and thus affect its property pricing. The change in demographic scenario highly affect the trends of a real estate market.

For example, in India once a couple decides to marry, they think of buying or rent an apartment for themselves and look for best schemes available in their budget, which is well thought of by real estate Gurgaon, or how people approaching their 50’s decide on buying vacation homes for relaxing over weekends or homes post retiring away from main city.

So, to say like every other industries or market which is driven based on their prospect customers and their demands, real estate is also driven by the above factors.

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Gurgaon to Third Highest Per Capita Income of India – Gurgaon Has Amazing Facts

A district head quarter in Haryana and a heart of the major industrial area is a city named Gurgaon, also known as ‘Guru Gram’. The idea behind this name is a relation to a spiritual leader, Dhronacharya and hence called ‘Guru Gaon’. This is not just one fact this sparkling and blooming city has even more amazing facts which are very rarely known, and they are as.

1. This land has a link to epic ‘Mahabharata’, by being a land of the Guru Dhronacharya where he taught the Pandavas and the Kauravas spiritual instructions, hence the name ‘Guru gram’ or ‘Guru Gaon’.

2. From the facts of construction and development, one of the third largest Toll Plaza in the world, till it was in operation, was near Delhi Gurgaon Border.

3. Third highest per capita income in India is that of Gurgaon, to talk about the economy.

4. 40% of the Haryana’s income revenue is alone brought by Gurgaon, which shows why property in Gurgaon is a great deal.

5. From among the 500 fortune companies, Gurgaon has a presence of 252 companies which assures that the upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon will always see great career opportunities.

6. To talk about career and professionalism, facts also state that number of professionals working per square kilometers is highest in India.

7. Faridabad and Mewat were once part of this city.

This city doesn’t just show itself as a city which is highly progressing towards development but also has a very strong and epic history along with a great door of opportunities for present and future in terms of career and lifestyle growth.

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Apartment Living Benefits Not Just For Us But For Entire Family

Apartment a place which we all are familiar about and sustain our lives. This is a place which we might own or no but definitely reside in. In a generation which is fast moving to wait and think of owning an apartment is a dream we all can only dream of. Be it your own or a rented one apartments are always a great investment. This investment can be advantageous in a number of ways like:

Location: This point becomes key when it comes to residing in an apartment. From schools to colleges, to recreation to railways and the workplace how well everything is connected to our residence makes all the difference and property in Gurgaon is just about that.

Maintenance: The overall maintenance is looked after by the appointed staff of the society. From the parking area to lobby to gardens everything is well taken care of and is not a burden to oneself for keeping your surroundings in an appropriate manner.

Sustainability: In a limited space the building construction shows wonders. From the free garden area to spacious parking zone, to having each flats spaced well everything is thought of efficiently and doesn’t seem like it’s cluttered.

Amenities: Apartments today are always accommodating recreation facilities like swimming pools, gyms, parks, sports ground and much more not just for a flat but the entire society so that everyone is well connected not just with their families but also the neighborhood.

Security: Every building, colony or a society is highly secured by having CCTV cameras installed, with very professional Security Guards at every gate and every resource with complete registration and tracking of everyone who enters the building or your apartment be it night or day.

Affordability: Invest merely in your apartment in best prices and schemes available and cherish all the facilities your apartment provides like amenities, tight security and more and give yourself an affordable and sustainable living.

Lifestyle: In a world where people are living for the needed lifestyle and be a part of the cult, the well-built flats are definitely a boost for your lifestyle. Be it in terms of prime locations, or amenities or a modern style everything adds an additional value to the old routine homes and residential apartments in Gurgaon is the destination for your chase of Lifestyle.

So, it is very important to look after these benefits of an apartment living before making the most important investment decision of your life, because we might change our clothes every day but home is something we do rarely even in a decade.

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4 Reasons Why Manesar is the Next Place to Live!

  1. Industrial Hub – Manesar is one of the most upcoming towns in and around Delhi NCR. With Gurgaon becoming hugely crowded, industries have now moved to Manesar, a town in close vicinity to Gurgaon. So, there are new companies, tech parks, and offices coming up in Manesar which have accounted for the major development happening here.
  2. Connectivity – Another reason why Manesar is the next best place to live is the fact that it is very well connected. Since it is in close vicinity to Gurgaon, there are multiple options to travel there. Not just that, there is recently constructed highway which makes road travel a pleasure.
  3. Amenities – Since there has been so much industrial development, so has there been a lot of other developments taking place in the city. Malls, hotels, school, ready to move apartments in Gurgaon, everything coming up to ensure that it becomes the convenient place to live.
  4. Residential Opportunities – It’s always a boon if your home is near to your office. And that is why there is always a good amount of residential options, property in Gurgaon, that come up around any corporate hub. The biggest examples of this being Gurgaon and Hyderabad.


Manesar too has a few good residential opportunities. One of them being Raheja Navodaya. Located in Sector 92, the project offers 1, 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments and penthouses. In fact, it has also received the Occupancy Certificate and has started possession as well.

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7 Facts About Living in Sohna!

Located south of Gurgaon, Sohna is one of the most upcoming towns in the NCR region today. With Gurgaon, Manesar, and Delhi getting saturated, industry focus has now shifted to Sohna.


  • Sohna is well connected to Gurgaon through the Sohna Road which in turn is in close proximity to the Golf Course Extension Road.
  • The nearest metro station being Huda City Center metro station, there are state-owned buses which help people commute till there.
  • In the last one year, this region has seen an appreciation of 8% in capital values.
  • Rentals have seen an appreciation of 33% in this area in the last 3 years.
  • There is a wide range of residential offerings in the area from villas to apartments, all in the affordable to the luxury range.
  • Compared to nearby Gurgaon, the prices in these areas are much more affordable making it a smarter option.
  • Since there are many developments coming up in the area, there are many shopping malls, apartment in Gurgaon, residential plots in Gurgaon, 5-star hotels and other recreational options coming up as well.
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